Jeff's Corvair Restoration Page 1
When I bought the Monza in August 2005, it ran OK but not as I thought it should. I
tried adjusting the carbs and checking ignition parts first. One carb was not adjusting
correctly, so I ordered a rebuilt set. While I was waiting, I found the vacuum
advance would not work. So I decided to overhaul  the distributor. The bushing felt
fine, so I installed a new vacuum advance, a set of Delco D108P points, and a
Manufacturing rebuilt points plate. Then, I installed a new set of AC R44F plugs.
When the rebuilt carbs from Wolf Enterprise came in, I mounted the carbs and
balanced them with a Uni-Syn. It ran and idled very good. I took the car for a test
drive through some nearby hills to check the timing. I like to time the engine "by ear".
So, I slowly advanced the timing until I could hear it pinging, then backed it off until
the pinging stopped.  Now that it was running good, I checked the transmission. The
fluid looked good, but the transmission was shifting to second gear early.  I adjusted
the linkage to the Powerglide until it shifted at the proper speed. The car accelerated a
lot quicker, with a lot more power than before.
Now that it was running good, I started checking for any other problems. The harmonic balancer rubber was cracked and brittle, so I
installed a rebuilt one with a new shaft seal. Some parts had already been replaced before I purchased it. The tires, fuel pump, battery
cables, battery, pushrod tube seals, muffler, and tail pipe were new.

Except for routine adjustments, oil changes, a few loose fuel connections, and 1 frayed fan belt, all I did was drive this car until
September 2006.
September 2006 --- March 2007
The car had been heavily undercoated in the past. This undercoating was starting to detach, and was trapping moisture between it and
the metal. Some sections, like the trunk bottom, could be removed in one large piece. I am removing all the undercoating and painting
it with POR-15. This car was built in September 1968. A lot of the parts I removed to clean up, are also dated in 68. This included the
shocks, and blower motor. While working underneath the car I found some  problems.


The Rockers will need to be repaired. I have a NOS complete rocker replacement panel for one side, and Clark's panels for the rest.
I am looking for a good body man to farm this out to. Driver's side front floor pan will need to be replaced. I have put in a temporary
patch until the rockers are repaired. The rest of the floor pans were OK. There were a few small holes in the tunnel sides. (Repaired). I
also repaired the inner fender wells at the rocker panels.


Rear Springs had multiple spacers in them to level up car (Replaced springs)
Passenger side thermostat shroud was bent (Replaced with good used)
Exhaust hanger broken ( Replaced with NOS )
Muffler Heat Shield rusted out ( Replaced with NOS )
Heater Ducts tore ( Replaced )
Heater Cable frozen ( Replaced ) Its nice to have heat now.
Tie rod seals had dissolved. ( Replaced Seals, tie rods were OK)
Replaced old castle nuts and cotter pins on all front suspension parts.
Front shocks did not have correct bushings ( Replaced with Reproduction )
Repaired wiring to gas tank sending unit. (Gauge would quit working when you hit a bump)

This was the end of my first major project on the Corvair and it took up most  of my free time during the Winter for me.
The POR-15 did a great job of sealing up where the old spray on undercoating had been removed.
I started in early December 2007, to locate a Body Shop to make some repairs on the 69.
I put out messages on Virtual Vairs, and the Corvair Center. I had 6 solid leads, so I
talked to a few of the most qualified. I made my final choice, and have decided to take the
Corvair to
Dave's Paint in Elkhart, Indiana.

Dave's father, Richard Shank emailed me about the work his son had done on Corvairs.
When I had check out a few references, there was no question I would go to his shop for
the repairs. It will be a very long drive for me, but I wanted someone who had done this
type of repair before.
December 2007
I took everything out of the Corvair, getting it ready for the trip. I removed the front spoiler, front licence bracket, spare tire, and all
the hub caps. I loaded up the new rocker panel steel replacements. Just waiting on good weather for the trip.
I loaded the Corvair on a rented trailer for the trip to Elkhart. All the parts are loaded and I'm ready to leave in the morning. I was
hoping to go earlier in the month, but the snow in Indiana kept me from trying.
The alarm clock went off at 4:30 am. (Damn its early.) Started the truck to let it defrost, while I had a cup of coffee. Stopped to pick
up my Dad, then it was off to Interstate 65 North. I did not stop to take any pictures. Finally reached Dave's Shop and unloaded the
Corvair. Pulled it into the building, and talked about what work I wanted done. While I was there, I looked over some of the projects
he was working on. I am very impressed with the quality of work I've seen in his shop. He had a lot of pictures of some Corvairs he
had finished previously. According to Dave, the trophy winning Corvair in the pictures he showed me was in worse shape than mine. I
can't wait to see how mine turns out. I am going to get him to do as much body work to my car as I can afford. Then its time for me
to invest some more "sweat equity". I hope to have some "In Progress" photos to show my cars repairs later.

In total the trip took about 14 hours. My truck pulled the U-Haul car trailer great. With fuel and trailer rental. It cost me about $200.00.
8/22/08  The Corvair came home today. I took off work, and
rented a trailer for the trip. I can not say enough about the Uhaul
Auto Transporter trailer. Its main tie down straps secure the
front tires of the vehicle to the trailer, making it ideal for towing
a Corvair. It does have additional safety chains to secure the
car. Even loaded with the engine in the back, it was very stable
with no swaying. I took the most direct route this time, and the
trip took about 12 hours.

Some people noticed it took about 6 months.  Part of the reason
it is when I took it to him, he was already working on other
cars. I was just getting my car in line. I also told Dave to work
on my car when he was between big jobs. He was not going to
get rich on this repair, and I did not want him to turn away any
major work because my car was there. Not many shops wants
to do partial jobs like this, and I appreciate Dave for helping me
in this project.
Dave replaced both rockers, rebuilt the pillar bottoms, replaced the drivers floor, patched in all 4 fenders, and patched 2 wheel wells all
the away around.. It sounds a lot simpler as I am typing it, but it took a lot of hand fabrication to complete the job. I also had him
remove the windshield so we could  check the frame for rust. This was the only place no repair other than paint was needed. Dave
used POR-15 inside the panels where he had made his repairs. Then he finished, and primed them on the outside. The windshield was
left un installed, so when it is painted it will be sealed inside. Dave's metal work looks great, and when its repainted Garnet Red it will
be fantastic.

   Here is a page with photos of Dave's work on my Corvair.       
My Corvair at Dave's Paint 2008
7/20/09  Located someone locally who will strip and paint my 1969 for a decent price. I have seen examples of his work, and he
definitely knows how to paint. I will be dropping by from time to time to take in progress photos. I have created new pages for the
work being done in his shop

                            Here is a link to the paint pages.    
My Corvair gets New Paint

The Corvair will be getting some new trim, and a new windshield while it is in the shop. I will be finishing up the interior carpeting,
and POR painting of the floors when it comes home.
03/06/10   Cleaned the sanding dust, and over spray from inside the trunk. The splatter paint is in good shape, but will need to be
touched up in a few spots.

I repaired an old re-occurring electrical problem in the front turn signal. I replaced the connector on the wiring harness, and tweaked
the socket the goes into. It should not short out anymore.

I installed the front licence bracket, the front spoiler, and the radio antenna.

The Vair was low on gas, so I took a short drive to fill the tank.

When I got back,  I repainted both front wheel wells with POR-15 to cover the over spray.

All in all, a very good day.                                   
9/13/09  Finally, the paint is done. I have started touching up the over spray on the under carriage. I do not know how much I will get
done before winter gets here.
Winter 2010  

We had more snow this winter than we have had in years. With that, and the cold temps I did not get much done.

But now, I am back to work.