Jeff's Corvair Restoration Page 3
4/16/10  After the POR-15 on the floor pans had dried. I started to install the new carpet. Clark's carpet set has a lot of extra material,
especially when it is used in a convertible. I used the old carpet as a pattern, to cut the new pieces, roughly to size.
04/17/10 I worked a good eight hours on the car today. Started with the carpet. It took a lot of work to get the carpet installed. The
carpet set was made to fit all late model Corvairs. Unfortunately, the most trimming has to be done on a convertible model. When the
carpet as good as I could get it, the rear heater vent was installed. Then, the newly recovered back seat bottom was put in place. I
replaced both front seats, cutting hole through the carpet for the bolts. Since both rocker panels had been replaced, the were no holes
for the aluminum door sills. I used the old sill to mark, and then drill the holes. Then the new replacement sills were installed.  I took a
few pictures, but the black does not show up right. It looks at lot better than the pictures show. The only thing left to do on the
interior is, install the front seat belts, and give it a good detailing.
4/18/10  I had not planned on working on the Corvair for a few days. It was so nice today, that I went ahead and installed the front
seat belts when I returned home. The interior is completely back in the car. Except for some detailing it is ready to go.

The engine compartment is next on the list. It's going to take awhile, it will be worth the effort.
4/21/10  Removed  the carbs, alternator, top shroud, and other assorted parts today. I will also be removing the top cover, and fan for
a bearing replacement. Started on de-flashing the heads. They really needed it.
4/24/10  Replaced a broken choke rod today. It was a lot easier with the turkey roaster off.

Removed the top cover from the engine. Everything looks real clean inside. Then, I cleaned up all the gasket surfaces. This took quite
awhile. There was some sort of adhesive that was real hard to get off. I cleaned up the top cover. There was an AF painted on it. It
corresponds to my engine type of TO905AF, which is a 110 HP engine, for a powerglide transmission.

When I took the fan off, there was a broken spot in it. Luckily, I had already purchased a nice powder coated one.
5/03/10 Pulled the oil cooler to put in new Viton seals. Much to my surprise, it already had them. So, I replaced them anyway.

Used a solvent to wipe down all the metal inside the engine compartment. Then, I started painting. Hope to have all the engine
compartment painted before the weekend. It just depends how many coats it will take.
4/29/10 Cleaned and re-painted the top shroud, air cleaner assembly, and assorted small brackets today. After being de-greased, I wet
sanded the parts before applying several coats of high temp engine enamel.
5/05/10  After a few coats of paint had dried, I installed the fender insulation. Then, the top block cover was installed using "The Right
Stuff" gasket maker, and all new hardware.
Then, I installed the powder coated fan and re-painted pulley
5/08/10  Installed the fan shroud, carbs, fuel pump, plug wires, and other assorted engine compartment parts.
5/10/10    Finally. I got the Corvair started today. It would start right up if you poured a little fuel in the carbs. The fuel pump did not
seem to take a prime. So, I took a suction gun and pulled the fuel out of the fuel line at the pump. Since I had the lines off and they
were dry, I pulled out gas until I saw no bubbles. Re-connected the fuel line to the pump, and tried to start. After two tries with a little
gas in the carbs, it started and stayed running. Sounds real good, now that there is no bearing noises..
6/5/10    I took the Corvair to its first show. It was well received. There were over 420 cars at this show. As of now the cosmetic
part of the restoration is done.