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The Numbers

VIN # 105679W7005XX
"10567"--------------- Monza Convertible
"9" --------- 1969 Model Year
"W"----------- Willow Run Plant
"7005XX" ------- 5XX    1969 Corvair Built
I have XXed out the last two numbers.
The Engine Serial Number

19W7005XX  TO905AF
19W7005XX---------------------Matching Number Engine Installed
                                      in the 5XX Corvair Produced
TO---------------------------- Engine Produced in GM's Tonawanda
                            Plant in New York
905 ----------Engine is a 1969 Model built on September 5th 1968
AF ---------------- Engine is a 110 Horsepower Model built for use
              with a Powerglide Transmission
Body by Fisher Data Plate
ST   69  10567  WRN 101939  BDY
TR      701                     52  A  PNT
             09A        A                                          
ST  69  10567 -------------- 1969 Corvair Monza Convertible
WRN 101939 ----- 1939th Car Produced at the Willow Run
Plant in 1968.         
TR  701 --------------------------------Black Interior
52 -------------------------------- Garnet Red Paint
A ---------------------------White Convertible Top
09A -------------Built First Week September 1968
A -----------------Interior Surfaces Painted Black
Installed Options

L62 --- 110 Horsepower "Turbo-Air" Engine
M35 ----- 2 Speed Powerglide Transmission
             with 3.55-1 Rear Axle
C06 ------------------ Power Convertible Top

Added Later
D33 ------ Remote Control Rear View Mirror
U35 ----------------------------- Electric Clock
U63 ------------------- AM Pushbutton Radio
V31 ------------------- Front Bumper Guards
V32 -------------------- Rear Bumper Guards
B93 ----------------------- Door Edge Guards
B37 -------------- Front and Rear Floor Mats
D34 ---------------------- Vanity Visor Mirror
A39 ------------------------- Deluxe Seat Belts
D19 ----------------------- Spare Wheel Lock
P54 ------------------------- White Wall Tires
Dealer ------------------------Gas Door Guard
Original Build Sheet
Fisher Body Data Plate
1969 corvair 008
Carpet Tag found in my car dated 7/19/68
Rear Spring Tag
In  April 2010 found these marks the convertible top. They are from the Fisher Body
plant. A52 shows a Garnet Red body with a white convertible top.