1980 Model 214 Page
09/20/2010  I have been looking for a larger horsepower Deere. The 110 runs the tiller, and plows snow pretty good. But a hydraulic lift
model with more power would make it easier.

Today, I took a road trip to see a tractor that should "fill the bill". It is a 1980 John Deere model 214 with the optional hydraulic lift installed. It
also had the front and rear lifts already installed. It seemed to be in very good condition, so I decided to buy it.

This tractor has a lot going for it in my eyes.
  • Hydraulic Lift
  • 14 horse power
  • All my attachments for the 110's will fit the 214
Here are some photos "as purchased" from today.
09/21/2010  I started checking the 214 over today. Removed the Model 46 deck, and gave the undercarriage a cleaning. I then changed the oil
and greased where needed. Saw a few things that will need to be addressed, but it looks like it will get the job done.
14 HP Kohler Model K321AQS cast iron engine., 4 Speed Transmission with variator control.
Optional Hydraulic Lift with Front and Rear Lifts installed.
09/25/2010  I have been doing little things to the 214 all week. Changed the oil, Tighten loose hardware, and cleaned up the 46  mowing deck.
But today I really got into it.

I noticed the transmission idler pulley spring was on wrong. So, I re-installed it.

The transmission in this tractor has a lot more whine than my other Deeres. But, no bad noises. So, I changed the transmission gear oil with

I found the motor mounts are bad. So a new set was ordered.

The carb has a loose throttle shaft, but the motor is running good. I may rebuild the carb later.

Hooked up the sleeve hitch, and checked how far it would travel with the hydraulic lift. I has plenty of swing for a moldboard plow or
anything else you want to lift. I could not resist giving it a pressure test, It could lift me with ease.

Took the SuperLugs off the 110 and installed on the 214. The new turf tires were installed on the 110. I plan on using the 214 for snow duty,
but the 110 is still fully capable. I will just install chains on the turf tires, if the 110 is needed..

I ran it around the yard to get the new transmission gear oil circulated.

The engine pulls a lot stronger on this tractor than the 110. (6 extra HP helps)
09/28/2010  Replaced the motor mounts today. They were even worse than I thought. Even the rivets had been worked loose. I just used a
chisel to cut the old rivets off. Then, I used small bolts with nylon locking nuts to install the new ones. The engine is now a lot smoother,
with very little shake.

I wanted to try out the hydraulic lift, so the moldboard plow was temporarily installed. It lifts it with ease, and high off the ground.
10/06/2010 Installed the model 31 tiller on the 214 today. I had never had the tiller on this tractor before, so I wanted to make sure that
everything fit OK. There were no problems, this tractor uses the same belts as the 110. I will be tilling up my Dad's garden as soon as the
sweet potatoes have been dug up. The hydraulic lift is going to make this a lot easier than last time. Pictures in my Deeres at work page.