1969 Corvair Monza convertible as purchased in August 2005
The 1969 is one of the rarest Corvairs years there is. They were in
production from September 1968 until May 1969. There was a total of
only 6000 1969s produced. Of these 6000 Corvairs only 521 were

I looked at this 1969 Monza convertible in Aug 2005. Although it only had
32000 miles on it, there were rust issues, especially in the rocker panels.
The original drive train was in good running condition. Since I really liked
the car, I decided to take on the responsibility of its restoration.

As of May 2010, I have finished with the body restoration. A lot of the
drive train and suspension is still original, repairs and updates will be made
as needed.
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Some of my website features are
The History, Details, and the Restoration of my numbers matching 1969 Corvair Monza Convertible.

Also, now that I am using a new server, there is space for the archiving of Corvair related materials including
Parts Manual PDFs, Tech Tips, Vintage Advertisements, Corvair Model Pictures, Post Cards, and old Chevy Corvair Brochures.
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